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Puppy owners are recommended to purchase this vitamin to extend health guarantee from 1 year to 3 years. 

Bulldog History

Bulldog History

The Bulldog was originally thought to be a butcher's dog, used to subdue an animal for slaughter. It was then bred to participate in the "sport" of bullbaiting, an extremely cruel activity. The original Bulldog had to be courageous, very ferocious and savage. It also had to be almost insensitive to pain. Many of the features in the current bulldog standard are derived from the physical requirements needed by these dogs.

When bull baiting was outlawed in England in 1835, the Bulldog, as it then existed, had outlived its purpose and would no longer exist as a breed. However, a group of Bulldog lovers felt that the breed should not disappear and decided to preserve it. In order to preserve the breed, they had to remove its undesirable fierce characteristics, while preserving and accentuating its finer qualities. Within a few generations the Bulldog became one of the finest physical specimens of dogdom without the viciousness they previously exhibited.

It is important that you get your dog from a reputable breeder or rescue group and that you have a veterinarian who is knowledgeable and has experience with Bulldogs.


Bulldog Living Environment

Bulldog Living Environment

Bulldogs are inside dogs only and require strict indoor and outdoor arrangement in a tepid climate. English Bulldogs do not do well in extreme weather conditions.Bulldogs she never be outside for long periods of time when weather is below 65F degrees or above 83F degrees. Bulldogs can easily and quickly suffer from heat exhaustion/stroke they must have access to water at all times and only go outside for short periods to potty during weater temps reaching above 83F degrees.

They do fine in tighter living conditions, hence they are a good choice for those living in apartments or houses with no yards. Bulldogs love to sleep and are known to be lazy.

Bulldogs do drool, shed twice a year, and fart. So all three of these factors should be taken in consideration with your current living environment before adopting to bring a bulldog breed into your home.

Bulldog Health

Bulldog Health

English Bulldogs can be prone to some health problems such as cherry eye, skin disorders, and hip dysplasia. However, do not let this deter you from becoming an owner, many English Bulldogs go through life with no health concerns at all. They can overheat very easily so extra precaution should be taken during hot weather. They also chill easily and should be considered an indoor dog.

Great website read the full information on health related problems English Bulldogs have that are either common or genetic to the breed please visit this website and educate yourself on the breed before you buy, any further questions you have you can always call me and I can help you. http://www.bulldogclubofamerica.org/bulldog.aspx



You should be vigilant when your dogs are outside in the heat and make sure they do not get overheated. If your dog is overheated and/or over excited, it is critical to calm him down, since this can raise the body temperature like a fever does.  You should make sure the throat is free of mucous, and minimize the swelling due to heat.  Fast action is essential and you generally will not have a real problem if you act quickly rather then letting problems build.  It is better to err on the side of caution with these situations: you won't harm the dog with water and ice, but overheating can debilitate and even kill any animal, even humans.

If your dog has a problem, you can clear the dog's throat of mucous with your finger.  A squirt of lemon juice will cut through any mucous and clear the throat.  Some dogs like the taste of lemon; many hate it.   Then give him ice cubes and hold his mouth shut to make him chew them if necessary.  Get him to a spot where he can lie calmly out of the heat.

Don't leave your dog outside in the hot sun unsupervised.  Don't have him sit around on a leash without access to water while you're socializing if it's warm.  Never leave any dog in an enclosed car in the summer - cars turn into ovens really easily in hot weather

You should become aware of the sound and rhythm of the dog's normal breathing and panting.  If your dog is over-excited, his breathing will be abnormally fast and hard.  If the dog is hyperventilating, his tongue will have a bluish cast instead of the normal pink and it will hang out unusually far.  His panting will be heavy, probably with a rasping sound and he may look wild eyed.  To treat him, you will need to use some or all of the following: water, ice, lemon juice, and aspirin suppositories.

You can immediately place him in a tub of cold (but not ice) water or in a cold shower.  If you're outside, pour water over him - straight from a garden hose if possible.  He may not like it, but do it anyway.  It's important to get him wet down to the skin so evaporation of the water can speed bodily cooling.  Then get him into the shade. You can clear then his throat with lemon juice.  Give him ice cubes and hold a compress of ice cubes on his genitals and/or head.  If his temperature is high (a dog's normal temperature is about 102 degrees), give him an aspirin suppository.

Bulldog Care & Training

English Bulldogs have a smooth, fine, short-haired coat which is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush occasionally, and bathe every other week or when necessary. Wipe their face with a damp cloth daily to clean inside the wrinkles. Coat the nose ropes and heavy folds with corn startch powder to keep the folds dry and prevent yeast infections. They are an average shedder. Shed twice a year.

English Bulldogs require minimal exercise. Care should be taken not to over feed as they do not care for exercise. Take special care to powder their folds and wrinkles and under their tails during hot weather. They should not be over exerted in hot weather. They CANNOT swim! Becareful with English Bulldogs around water.

We feed all of our English Bulldogs Taste of Wild Pacific Stream Puppy (Salmon) from birth and as adult. We measure there food amount daily to prevent overeating and weight issues.

Bulldogs are very stubborn and at times want to do things at there own speed and time. Training can be difficult depending on the level of stubborness of your English Bulldog. My experience the females were very easy to house break and males may require a little extra time.

To prevent eye problems we reccommend that eye drops be placed in bulldogs eyes twice a day to flush out any dirt or to help prevent dryness that can lead to eye problems.

Monthly flea preventative should be used to prevent fleas and ticks that can cause skin issues and allergies with Bulldogs. As well as a monthly heartworm preventation should be used to prevent heartworms.

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